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See the results of her client, Tina,
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Under Clinical Director, Stelios Kiosses,
Lisa has been working with clients whose addictions or compulsions
got the better of them.
You can see the disabling consequences of this on their families and homes, but also the life changing turnarounds, in…

The 2nd series of Channel 4’s TV Documentary:
“The Hoarder Next Door”
See Episode 1: Xmas Special, December 2012 &
Episode 4, April-May 2013 (still showing)

Given 6 weeks to turn 10 Hoarders, and their excessively overrun homes around, Stellios, Lisa, and team work practically and emotionally to aid this Mammoth De-cluttering.

Lisa is main off-screen Therapist for
three of the participants during this 2nd series of
“The Hoarder Next Door”.
See the turnarounds for Pauline and Greg
on the Xmas Special episode 1,
and for Tina in episode 4. of
The Hoarder Next Door
(one of Channel 4’s most watched programmes!)

**The work with Tina in episode 4 of “The Hoarder Next Door” received an impressive
audience avg of 2.2 million viewers on its repeat showing!**

View video interviews below of TV clients Pauline, Greg and Tina with Lisa,
about the difference this therapy has made in their lives.

Click here to see
Pauline’s video testimonial

With Pauline

Click here to see Greg’s video testimonial

With Greg & Judith

Click here to see Tina’s video testimonial

With Tina

Note: Lisa has purposely chosen not to be filmed, and will not be referenced.
But see if you can tell at which point in the filming
they receive their first therapy session?!

(Hint, it’s rather late on in the scheme of things for both Pauline and Greg,
but take note when the de-cluttering REALLY starts.  As the Narrator states quizically of Tina – she suddenly cleared 50 bin bags “with surprisingly little resistance”?!  Now THAT’s the result of ‘brief therapy’!).

MISSED IT . . .?

You can view Tina’s story on Channel 4oD
To see Pauline and Greg,

sign into Channel 4’s website

To understand what causes such behaviours as Hoarding,
and why we can’t seem to unstick ourselves when we’ve gone so far,
read Lisa’s articles:   Why Does Somebody Hoard?
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 If you know someone who could benefit from
clearing their emotional baggage or past traumas –
whether the result is hoarding or any other extreme behaviour –
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