1-1 Therapy & Workshops



I just wanted to say thanks for a really excellent evening tonight. I thought your presenting was first class, great content, great delivery and of course with your trademark enthusiasm and passion for what you do! You have helped all of us to really get an insight into the huge value that this Therapy can bring to clients. Really well done, and thanks.
SL, HG Dip, 07.09.11

Our Workshops are open to all and, while they can build on each other, each one is a stand alone training course. Workshops can generally be taken in any order.  If you are interested in the specialised workshops, unless you are already a therapist, we do recommend you take one or two of the other workshops first.  There are three categories:

  • TOPICS – Interactive information workshops.  No previous knowledge needed.
  • SKILLS – for those more intent on taking action for change, either for themselves, or to help others
  • SPECIALISED WORKSHOPS – These are more in-depth and specific therapeutic techniques.  For therapists, or those with some experience of the work we do.  For those serious about change – whether for themselves or to help others towards it.

For enquiries, or to register interest:
please message us on our “Getting in Touch” page.

* Note: Dates are set when enough have registered their interest

NB:  This page is currently under development; please visit us again to find out more, and specific descriptions of each course.

  TOPICS (all are half day or extended evening sessions)    
  • Lifting Depression – the drug-free way
  • Exit Anxiety!
  • From stress to psychosis, it can happen to anyone
  • Stress busters for daily life
  • Breaking addictions; starting a-new
  • Healing relationships (pre/post marriage & same-sex struggles)
  • Single and happy, whatever the cause (or ‘From loneliness to wholeness’)
  •  Introduction to MetaMedicine
    (the emotional connection to physical problems)

  SKILLS  (all are half day or extended evening sessions)    
  • Listening and language skills (plus Emotional Needs Audit)
  • Relaxation, Guided Imagery & the importance of Metaphor
  • We are what we think – the effect of positive thinking
  • The emotional connections to our physical problems
(all are half day or extended evening sessions unless specified)
  • Fast recovery from trauma and phobias
  • The Abseil technique for emotional crisis work (whole day)
  • How to break free from physical illness (also trauma release technique for children) (whole day)
  • Four Questions to turn around a Crisis
    (or ‘Stop Analysing : Start LIVING’)
  • Series of 12 (weekly) Emotional Needs Workshops x 3 hours each
    (can be tailored for any group or mix i.e. teens, marriage, parents, depression etc)