Therapy- How we work

How we Work

Lisa is an Integrative Therapist and runs a Private Practise called “Well Naturally!”, near Birmingham.  Having worked for over ten years in Integrative Clinics, GPs surgeries and Mind, as a Church Counsellor and in the 3rd world Mission Fields, Lisa has extensive experience with a vast range and depth of problems. She specialises in emotional trauma and complex mental health issues, particularly physical or emotional illnesses that other services have written off.  Her specialised training in the emotional connection to our physical symptoms brings phenomenal breakthroughs in working with unexplained or long term physical illnesses that medical tests and services have often drawn a blank on.

What About You?

Lisa has over a decade’s experience of real issues like Yours, with real people just like You. Using specialised, yet profoundly simple techniques and insights, enables people to turn their lives around, usually in under 4 sessions. In the therapy world, this is called “Brief Therapy”.  Even with the most serious cases, working together regularly, within one month is usually enough to turn around a crisis or intervene a negative lifelong history.

Her training in the way the mind works, why it gets stuck and how to unlock it is invaluable in enlightening clients as to the facts behind their distress.  Simple education makes the biggest difference in sufferers’ and their family’s understanding of what is going on inside of them, and only helps them accept and move on all the quicker.

From cancer to depression, fears to addictions, abuse to marriage difficulties, or murder to mental health… from guilt to forgiveness issues, stress to feeling suicidal, physical pain to terminal illness, these can all be dramatically improved. Simply put, we help people Get “Well Naturally!”. . .  by helping restore “the missing peace” to each person we work with – and rapidly.

Whether your unresolved issue is physical health, emotional distress or stressed thinking, working with us will not only improve these, but also help you gain a better understanding and balance in your own daily, family and work life and relationships. Lisa’s tool box of skills only aids the partnering with the client to suit their style and situation, supporting them in a client-led approach to empowering them in their return to good all round health.

With the combined tool kit of mind-body skills and advanced training (including Human Givens, Journey Therapy, Byron Katie, Louise Hay, Meta Medicine and more), Lisa’s unique skill set means she provides a bespoke, very individual service, tailored to your needs and choices without being tied to any one school of training. This range and flexibility is what makes our service so all encompassing.  And as a result, it has been a real privilege, over the 10 years, to see many people leave, relieved of their issue – no matter how extreme – often in just one or two sessions.  Few need more than three.

Only 5% of us suffer from brain damage. This means 95% of us have the ability to use our brain to our full potential and get better – to choose not to be victims to circumstance but actually have the ability to change our lot, to want to clear our emotional baggage. The choice is yours!

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Our Needs

One of the keys to becoming “Well Naturally” is understanding that, as humans, nature has programmed all of us with not just physical needs (like food and oxygen), but equally emotional needs too.  If we are human, these emotional needs just CANNOT be avoided.  Without nutrition, we would soon physically die.  And quite simply, without our emotional needs being met – in balanced, healthy ways – we can FEEL like dying . . . Enough of this British stiff upper lip!! Suppressing our feelings is the equivalent of turning into a human pressure cooker – with the steam valves jammed!  We withhold our feelings at our peril, and at the expense of our relationships and our physical and mental health . . .  I believe that emotions are our God-given release valves . . .

While 1-1 work, is always most effective, Lisa also regularly works by phone and skype with national and international clients.  She can also refer on to a peer group of therapists in similar and different modalities, so if you have a particular preference, ie for a male therapist or a certain discipline, please ask.

Free phone consultation

So if you are wondering whether Lisa can be of help in working with you, or someone close to you, why not contact for a free 20 minute phone consultation?  Our experience is that within this phone call you will know.  Looking forward to being of assistance to you.