We understand the necessity of providing results, for the comparing and improving of services, and the safety of those seeking help.  We therefore record and measure emotional distress and improvement over our sessions, with all our clients via recognised research forms submitted to a Practise Research Network.  See

Our statistics for the year are currently being analysed.  However, immediate results show that in an average of 3 sessions, 75% of clients’ emotions had stabilised significantly between the beginning and end sessions.

More results will be posted when available.


“My experience of Lisa is both as a fully trained therapist, and as a individual having an absolutely instinctively natural ability in this field.  Her Therapy utilises a deep understanding of the way the brain works, bringing healing through using the imagination in a guided and safe way, so that new patterns can be learned and lived out quickly and easily.”
Brenda Bingham-Hall, HG.Dip.P, MHGI, previous Human Givens Supervisor

“I have had opportunity to work with Lisa many times over the last 8 years. Her dedication to her clients and abilities as a therapist/coach with multiple disciplines has led to a whole series of life changing results for the people lucky enough to work with her.”
Sanjay Shah, Professional Speaker, Executive Coach, Emotional Intelligence Expert

“Lisa is a dedicated, caring and experienced therapist who is knowledgeable across several different therapy techniques and uses these in a flexible way to work effectively in helping people with a wide variety of difficulties.”
S. Lord, HG.Dip, GHGI

“I have known Lisa in a professional capacity for many years and have had personal experience of the depth of her work and the rapid healing changes that take place.  She is very kind and gentle with great empathy as well as being a skilled and gifted therapist.”
Jan Ricketts, Journey Practitioner