As an Integrative Therapist, a number of tools I use come from
aspects of these different schools or teachers.

Nb: While I recommend these resources and services in general, please understand I cannot endorse every word or teaching.
I leave you to test what they present, with what feels comfortable to you.

The Human Givens approach

This school has unusually researched and compared for 40 years the best of what’s to offer out there, on all things that affect us adversely mentally or emotionally.  Whether for the lay person, the sufferer, their family and friends, or trained therapists, this approach complements and fills the gaps other teachings haven’t. Books, CDs, one day workshops and a postgraduate training qualification are offered on practical down to earth ways of understanding how the mind works, issues that affect our mind and emotions, and how to simply and rapidly return to a healthy balance and a life that works. for books & CDs.
I cannot recommend this series of practical self help books and CDs highly enough.  It is a culmination of the best and some new teachings out there on Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Pain and Anger.  This way of understanding, and dealing with these issues, quite simply, works!  Human Givens Professional Institute.
What are the the Human Givens.  Publications.  Looking for a therapist local to you.  Courses.
One day Workshops or Qualification in Counselling and Psychotherapy. Emotional Needs Audit.
A one page self explanatory audit of our essential needs, that I use with almost every client.
It’s a great tool for people to take away and see what areas of their lives are lacking to understand why they feel low, and therefore where action would make the most difference to how they feel.

Byron Katie – YouTube clip to come

Brandon Bays

Meta-Health – “The Mind-body approach. The emotional link to your physical symptoms.”

Video testimonial of Lisa speaking about the usefulness of the MetaMedicine
Introductory Weekend course, open to all:   Link to free articles on MetaMedicine  New 80 page e-book


The simplest and quickest way to calm your mind and ditch the stress!
A delightfully jargon free, everyday, down-to-earth way to exchange your stress for feeling at peace, instantly.
And the little technique to continue to do-it-yourself.

McTimoney Chiropractors

Biocare – Professional Supplement Specialists      For advice line to Qualified Nutritionists during office hours, call
0121.433 3727 (and ask for “Technical”)

Dr David Hamilton – You tube clip to come . . .david hamilton





Dr Joe Dispenza

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Dr Bruce Lipton

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Adult Education Services

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Understanding what the Bible has to say