Lisa’s Training & Background

Lisa McCorrie . . . Well Naturally!
Holistic therapist, Health Coach & Trainer,
Specialist in Emotional and Mental Health and Well Being


!Prof side glance cleanBack in her college days Lisa trained simultaneously as both a Medical Secretary and a Reflexologist. She married early in her hospital career, practising as an Holistic Therapist & Life Coach in her spare time, and volunteering practical support, coaching and life skills to struggling young people in the church.  Her high level organisational and communication skills grew as she worked up through the hospital administration systems to become PA to top professors in the NHS, private hospitals and Universities around Birmingham.  After 15 months out in Australia and New Zealand (in the sun!), she changed direction from being a Conference Organiser to follow her instincts and focus on growing her own business as a Therapist & Coach.

Recovering from a significant nervous breakdown (the longest, blackest and bleakest period of her life), Lisa opted for a slower pace of life, volunteering in the Mission Fields of India, The Dominican Republic and Mexico. From here she was invited to Los Angeles, where she both taught and undertook the running and management of a small church school for 18 months as a domestic missionary.

On her return to the UK in 2005, being alarmed at how little understanding and practical help there was, in any walk of life, if you experience a non-physical, or emotional illness, Lisa determined to further and hone her skill set.  A born organiser, with a deep compassion for people in need, her passion has always been to combine the best of both medical and holistic approaches to physical and emotional health. Furthering her training in several modalities, Lisa was granted a training scholarship by Journey Outreach in 2007 – in recognition of the ongoing voluntary therapy work she provides to those (both in both the third world and the west) who are unable to access the help they need.   To complete her tool kit, she undertook a post graduate diploma in psychotherapy, with merit, in 2008.

Lisa went on to complete her training in specialist emotional relief techniques including EFT, The School and Work of Byron Katie, Seated (Chair) Massage and, through a special interest in emotional distress and the mind-body connection, as a Meta Heallth Practitioner to help clients understand the strength of the emotional connection to physical problems.

Today, Lisa has a Private Practice integrating holistic therapy and coaching. Utilising years of clinical and life experience, her tool box of skills enables a highly flexible approach, tailored to best suit each individual client’s needs, within a safe and proven therapeutic framework.

She offers one to one, couple, family and support group sessions for emotional, physical, stress & crisis relief, both nationally and internationally, in person, by phone or online.  Information and practical training workshops are run, in the same modalities, for both sufferers, their families and support groups; and therapists wishing to widen their experience (CPD accountable).


The training I have undertaken, over more than two decades, has encompassed a range of schools and modalities, listed here in date order.  See links page for further details.

My integrated practise now is drawn from aspects from across these schools of teaching, to suit the individual client’s needs and preferences.

2008 Seated Chair Massage – Practitioner Diploma

2008 Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Levels 1&2 – Certified Practitioner

2008 Meta Health * – Trained to Practitioner & Trainer level
(identifying the emotional connection to our physical symptoms)

2007-08 Human Givens College of Counselling/Psychotherapy **
– Certificate with Merit

2007-08 Journey Therapy – scholarship.  Senior Accredited Journey Therapist, Online Coach & Regional Ambassador for the Journey. (advanced NLP, brief therapy, trauma and emotional release, physical illness resolution and visualising techniques, brief therapy)

2006 School for The Work of Byron Katie – Diploma
(rapid CBT-type, brief therapy)

1989 Reflextherapy & Traditional Chinese Medicine – Practitioner Certificate

Life : the people, the experiences and the events we encounter, has given me equally as much education and understanding to empathise and share with my clients.

* METAHEALTH (formerly MetaMedicine)

Video testimonial of Lisa speaking about the usefulness of the MetaMedicine
Introductory Weekend course, open to all:

This is a testimonial from Lisa McCorrie, an experienced Holisitc Therapist and Trainer who integrates a number of different modalities into her work, including The Journey, The Work, EFT.

Since this training Lisa has gone on to study as A META-Health Coach and is currently integrating META-Medicine and META-Kinetics.

Thank you Lisa for being part of this fantastic adventure and giving so much of yourself to helping others. Love Robert & Joanne

** The Human Givens Charter

In light of deeper understanding about innate needs – the human givens – we all have a duty to help our health, educational, political and social organisations implement concrete plans for:

      • maintaining an environment where people can feel secure and go safely about their lives;
      • ensuring basic physical needs – for food, unpolluted water, pure air, space to exercise etc – are reliably available
      • creating a social climate that takes account of each person’s need for autonomoy and volition, where they can take individual responsibility for as many aspects of their lives as possible;
      • encouraging and protecting environments and activities to enable children and adults to feel emotionally connected to others, experience and enjoy friendship and intimacy, in the family and beyond, and feel valued by the wider community
      • providing the conditions (but not prescribing the method) for cultivating a culture where all children and adults can easily be stretched mentally and physically in healthy ways – thereby providing a way for people to find meaning and purpose in life.