Meet the Team

Sheffield (10)bob_woods_A220418Alan HowarthBen Ritmeyer

!Prof side glance cleanFirst let me acknowledge “My Team”, as my work is far from a solo effort!  Besides my Private Practice, a proportion of what I do is voluntary.  These special people largely give of their time freely, because they understand the need and share the vision with me – to enable a service to reach and support many in need who may otherwise not receive the appropriate help.  Without their volunteering I could not offer this . . .
Thank you, each one of you, from my heart, and on behalf of those whose lives have changed as a result of this service.  Without your help this professional or voluntary service to others would simply not exist.

Rebecca Sheffield,
HG Dip
Full-time Personal Assistant & Therapy Assistant

Sheffield (36)Rebecca is my most valuable asset.  She came to assist one day a week while training and has grown from a girl-Friday to my full time and most dependable Personal Assistant, as well as a most effective Therapist in her own right.  She is my right hand and I cannot thank her enough for her dedication and loyalty, fuelled by her sharing of my passion and vision – to provide a gap-filling service with a difference.
Sheffield (10)“Helping people has always drawn, and come naturally to me, so when I quit my job for a new career, I began looking at counselling courses.  I already knew Lisa, through our church community, and the work she did really stood out to me.  I was keen to take the opportunity of working with her one day a week offering administration support, whilst training for my Human Givens Diploma in Psychotherapy.  Working alongside Lisa has been invaluable in experiencing both the methods and results of her client work, and experiencing the unique combination of approaches she uses.  After a year I progressed to be Lisa’s full time PA. Whilst working closely with Lisa I was able to train in the same integrated methods she uses and work with my own clients, under her supervision, to gain my own experience as a Therapist.
Lisa and I share the same vision – to enable help to be readily available to those who need it, whatever the cause – and pray that we may continue to do this. The combination of therapies we use are the stepping stones to reach this vision.”

Bob Woods,
Voluntary Business Mentor,
Executive Chairman of Mattioli Woods plc


“I have many years’ experience of running businesses, and have worked with owner managers and sole practitioners from all walks of life in my professional capacity. Now my late fifties, I provide voluntary business mentoring to a number of businesses, including Lisa’s Practice.”

Thanks indeed to Bob for adopting our business at a key time in our development!  We have found his guidance of enormous benefit and an invaluable “sounding board” to help focus on those issues central to my Practice.  May this be just the beginning!

Bob Sheffield,
Volunteer Accountant 

The most recent addition to the Team, I am delighted that Bob has readily agreed to take over from my previous Accountant who is sadly retiring.  The relief an accountant brings in managing and advising all financial aspects of the business, so that all is clean, oiled and worry-free, is a huge burden lifted.  What I did not anticipate is what he has just surprised me with – of offering his services free of charge, in recognition of the nature of the work we undertake.  That is a real gift; Thank You Bob!  I am Very grateful.

Alan Howarth,
Volunteer Computer & Technical Support

Alan HowarthThis man hasn’t helped he’s “rescued me”, many a time, from the technological jungle and jargon that stumps me!  For me to access his expertise and calmness remotely, and with the flexibility of his own business, has been a God-send.
I have helped Lisa with both hardware and software issues with her computers for some years, including data sharing and backup solutions. Much of this is done remotely as I live in Northampton. I have been in the computer industry for many years and have run my own computer company since 1994, helping private users and small businesses with various computer issues I maintain several websites including Kettering Christadelphian website at

Ben Ritmeyer,
Volunteer Software & Media Support

Ben Ritmeyer

“I have 7 years training in Retail Training in the Technology Field, working in the Mobile and Computing Industry for a number of Blue Chip companies. This has given me a wide range of experience, which I offer freely to Lisa when needed on the media/technology side of her business – and hope that this work helps Lisa do what she does best – helping people!”
To have instant access to someone with Ben’s speed and expertise is a breath of fresh air.   He just does not fail to come up with goods and, furthermore, if he doesn’t know then he does not leave you without but will ‘find a man who can’.  His responses and solutions are so fast and fitting that he has left me gasping on several occasions. Thank you Ben for your brilliance, and particularly enabling our business by it.

Others’ significant contributions to me and my business

James McCorrie, Website Designer & Manager

My nephew – for reaching out to me, above and beyond all limits. And for volunteering his web design and computing expertise in tirelessly sitting beside me, day and night – almost without sleep for 4 days – to teach and create with me this stunning website from scratch.  You have touched my heart; your sacrifice, tender heartedness, dedication and great sense of energy and fun are rejuvenating.  I cannot thank you enough x

PA, Mentor, Coach & NLP Practitioner

Without you there was no vision.  You helped me extract and define it, hold me to it and live it, through the highs and lows.  I am so grateful for your constancy, laser-like precision and speed in getting to the core of the issue, week-in, week-out these years of faithful coaching.  Thank you dearly for your dedication and service in setting my hand to the plough and not letting me look back.  Assisting me to understand beyond what I thought possible and see light through the darkness, you have been a rock and a guide to me.

Sanjay Shah, Mentor, Coach & Therapist

Having taught me most of what I know, Sanjay is the reason I do what I do.  His foresight, insight and unique combined approach is behind all that I now offer my clients. He has seen me through, as my Therapist from my most broken, to being my Mentor and growing into the Therapist I am now – practising with utter conviction what I experienced in myself, and so many others since, to bring about the huge life turnarounds for those who come for help now.  Thank you for believing in me before I did, and always being there when needed, to remind me where the track is.

Simon Bozeat, Marketing Expert

Simon is an energetic trainer and business coach.  Specialising in marketing he has coached me around mountains rather than over them, and dispelled my fears in stepping out.  Thank you for seeing my vision and motivating me when I was unsure.  Especially for your enthusiasm and promotion of what can be achieved through this work.

Peter Miles, Audio-Visual Expert

Thanks to Peter for his constancy, specialist skills and untiring service to others.  Peter has provided all the audio visual equipment, training and skill in editing and producing CD and DVD masters and copies for my training days and client needs.

James Trelfer & Richard Benson, Sounding Boards for Life

Thank you for being like brothers to me, through thick and thin.  I really value your wisdom, clarity, advice and honesty, always.   Your enthusiasm, skill and life balance continue to inspire me.

Andrew Jolly, Accountant and Business Advisor

Last but not least, it is with a mixture of sadness to me, but congratulations and acknowledgement for Andrew that I lose his service as he finally retires fully after a long and successful career as a self employed Accountant and Business Advisor.  We met some years ago at his workshop for new and small businesses when I was making the leap of faith from full employment to fully self employed.  Andrew managed the local Business Development Service and, after further meeting for 1-1 advice, I was touched when he suggested taking me on as my personal, small business accountant, because of his interest/fascination in my work.  Andrew was the first person that helped me to believe my vision was not only possible but also viable.  Andrew I cannot thank you enough for your encouragement that made the make or break difference at the start, as well as your help and kindness in growing my Practice since.  I never realised the relief an accountant could bring to the day to day managing and advising all financial aspects of the business, so that all is clean, oiled and worry-free.  You lifted a huge burden and enabled something very significant here.  I will miss and remember your contribution to “Well Naturally!”  Wishing you all the best in your retirement.  You deserve it!

How Can YOU Help?

Do you have spare time?  Would you like to do something valuable in a gap in your life?  Why not volunteer with us?  Our team at Well Naturally is working flat out so we are always grateful for extra hands on board, whether for a week or a year, full or part time, and if you are a therapist, help with just one case, or more.

Opportunities available to Join our Team.
Voluntary and paid positions:

  • Admin Assistant – full or part time, totally flexible to suit
  • Tech or Web support – part time, occasional, as needed
  • Personal Assistant – full time or job share
  • Business Manager – part time, possibly remote
  • Therapy Assistants – for befriending, accompanying, teaching life skills, accountability buddies etc
  • Experienced Therapists – to join our team, locally and nationally

Warning:  One thing’s for sure . . .
If you Join our Team, even for a while, you and your experience are likely to gr0W!