Have-a-Go: Fun “Taster Dog-Training Experience”

Who doesn’t love a well-trained dog?!

Enjoy getting to know and hang out with Brody and experience his doggy bear hugs (only if you want).
Watch a demo of some of the tricks he does.
Then try your hand at BEING the Trainer, in this fun “Taster Dog Training Experience”!

This Experience can be tailored for dog enthusiasts OR, those wanting to overcome fears, whether adults of children.


First, we’ll relax over a cuppa – to determine your experience with dogs, your hopes for this “Experience”, & agree personalised aims. I’ll start with a brief educational history and look at pictures of this beautiful, lesser known breed – the Keeshond – it’s characteristics and why and how I chose this particular breed. Next I’ll explain what to expect from our time together, the Do’s/Don’ts of how to act when with Brody, and safety aspects – via a video.

We will then go to meet Brody! At first you will watch me interact and teach you what to do then, strictly ONE at a time, I will introduce you each to Brody for some personal time with him.

Next I will demonstrate some basic commands and how YOU can instruct Brody to perform them, both with voice and silent commands. Then it’s YOUR turn!

Brody will then demonstrate some advanced tricks, and YOU can then have a go.

Weather permitting we can walk to the park and I can show you how to walk a dog hands-free! There we can do some Agility or Competition moves, if time.

Finally, back home, Brody will love you to groom him, before a very special “Brody Hug” Goodbye.

You’ll leave with a special ‘Doggy Bag’

You may take photos/videos

There is a kiddy competition to send in your best photo/story of you with Brody.


  • Wear long sleeves, long trousers and flat shoes.
  • Training is done with treats which the dog takes with his teeth.
  • Touching your fingers with his teeth is not a bite.
  • Well behaved children considered. Please ring to discuss.
  • Dogs are not machines, perfect responses and behaviour cannot be guaranteed.

I will do whatever I can to minimise distraction to the dog for his best behaviour for you, and ask the same of you please.

  • A calm, well behaved dog requires calm, well behaved people and children.
  • No high energy or noisy children.
  • No sudden movements or loud noises near the dog.
  • No pulling the coat or touching the dog without my permission, or me being present.
  • No food to be consumed or given to the dog, no food or noisy packets carried in your bags or pockets please.
  • Please do not touch your own dog, or pet, before you come, nor wear clothes that smell of such pets.

Please dress for the weather with coats and shoes.

Great photo and video opportunities.

Cost = £40 per person for 2 hours. (Discount for groups)