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“Lisa changed my life” – video testimonial

Ruth Mary Chipperfield

Ruth’s video :

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“I met Lisa when I was giving something away on Freecycle. When she collected it I became fascinated by the range of different kinds of therapy she does. Lisa works with loads of techniques, but instead of naming different methods or schools of thought, she explained the reasons people get so stuck and spiral downwards. I learnt how her bespoke way of working turns lives around in an extremely short time frame. I was in a dark place at the time, and some time later when I was was ready, I arranged a free discovery call with her to see if she could help.

Lisa has a lot of compassion and explained in really practical terms the reasons for the paranoia I was experiencing. I have narcolepsy and went very downhill mentally after receiving medication designed to help. Most therapists/ councillors just talk and get you to explain stuff, which never resolves bigger issues. In our sessions Lisa helped me realise how deeply the emotional and physical is linked. So whilst I had paranoia, (among other things), I knew the threats in my head weren’t real but was powerless to overcome them. The first session I had was 3 hours, which sounds long but is perfect because a shorter time isn’t long enough to get to the bigger issues and the time passed really quickly. Lisa guided me through a process moving through a string of emotions and memories which brought emotional closure to things that had been buried and were interfering so much with my life, within a very safe environment. I didn’t even know the triggers before we started, yet together we found them! The sessions themselves gave me a feeling of having just had a really refreshing holiday and her free follow up calls were also really reassuring after a session.

To say Lisa changed my life is genuinely not an exaggeration. All I needed was a few 3 hour sessions and the odd 1 hour session to clear out symptoms of extreme anxiety, depression, ptsd, suicidal thoughts, paranoia, hearing voices and the list goes on… With the nhs, all they would look at was a little anxiety stuff with little effect and if the sessions fell on a good day, it would be assumed everything is fine, whereas with Lisa, I could just book a session at a time when needed. Unlike the nhs where only one technique is used at a time, while constantly being passed from person to person, Lisa adapted a wide skill set to my changing needs. She was also extremely generous with allowing payment plans to help us budget. My husband saw her for one single 3 hour session because that’s all Lisa needed to resolve his anxiety. Now I’m not only free from all the mental health stuff, but I’ve become fascinated about the topic and read loads of interesting books that Lisa recommended on the mind-body connection, psychoneuroimmunology, neuroplasticity, thought reprocessing and loads more. So she’s given me ongoing tools for managing my emotions.

If you have mental or emotional health issues of any kind, especially if you don’t fit inside a neat box, then Lisa is the perfect therapist who also doesn’t restrict herself to a single box, using a single technique – a bit like a one stop shop. Something else that was really important to me was that Lisa shares the same Christian beliefs as me and I was inspired by how the techniques she uses line up with what the Bible teaches. I’ve referred family members, friends and even strangers to Lisa with anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, depression and all kinds of complex issues and I don’t know anyone else with her skill set and compassion who I could refer people to.”