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Article 13 – Why Does Somebody Hoard?

A stand alone article on what can cause hoarding and other similar addictive or compulsive behaviours. Taken from a magazine series by Lisa called “From the Diary of a Natural Therapist”.  Watch out for Article No.1 being posted here soon.

Coffee? Computer games? Cigarettes? Workaholic? Attracting the wrong type of Relationships? Lurrrve? Facebook-aholic? Chocolattttte? Clutter? . . . ARE YOU A SECRET ADDICT?

Under Clinical Director, Stelios Kiosses, Lisa has been working with some clients whose addictions got the better of them. You can see the consequences of this, but also the life changing turnarounds, in Channel 4’s TV Documentary “The Hoarder Next Door” (episode 1 starts Friday 21st December at 9 pm). Continue reading

The Story behind the “Missing Peace” Logo

When I was last in America I was stopping with Mark Giordano and his family. I sought him out because of enjoying his talks so much and admiring his way of living. So I asked if I could go and stay, to witness how his family and home functioned, to experience what it was that made the difference.

Incidentally I discovered he was a graphic designer by trade, working for high level companies. I was equally drawn to his artistic style – you know when someone’s art work just keeps hitting the spot for you . . . ? One day I asked if he could show me some of his work; I was captured. It was as he was skimming, at high speed through every logo he had ever designed that I suddenly exclaimed out loud! Continue reading