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Running Regional Peer Group events and training slots

Summary of our First Journey Community Reunion

It was with a spring in my step when I had realised that Brandon was returning to the Midlands and I had heard

that Lisa McCorrie was leading the Journey Ambassador programme in the Central England region. Lisa is without doubt the right person for this demanding role; hard working, dedicated, professional, knowledgeable, principled and perfectly unassuming. I am led to believe that Lisa doesn’t realise just how good she is.

This Journey initiated ambassador programme will rapidly develop into a powerful and influential community of people who have touched and been touched by The Journey. It is not only welcome but ESSENTIAL.  It will allow Graduates, Practitioners and Practitioners in Training to connect, share ideas and resources and crucially provide excellent opportunities for those involved to immerse themselves and others in this extraordinary body of work.

Around 20 of us assembled at the Arden hotel and were treated to a professionally orchestrated event led by Lisa which captured the essence of what The Journey is all about; introductions, ideas generation, sharing resources, good food, rapid Journey swaps and all within a safe, stretching and supportive environment.

The range of experience and talent present was truly impressive and I found myself humbled and childlike in my curiosity to find out more about the wonderful range of therapies on display. Indeed when we were asked to sign up to further seminars to experience different methods I found myself having sufficient faith in those around me to say yes to things of which I have absolutely no knowledge!                                                                                                                       SB Sept 11