My Special 12:12 12.12.12 Birthday Tale :-)

So I was one of those with a 12.12.12 Birthday this year!  

And yes, there was just a special feel to the day . . .  I awoke to the news on Classic FM, reporting on those who turned 12 years old on 12.12.12, how extra special is that?!

While I have to lay claim to being a few multiples of that tender age, I had determined that I really should do something particular/fun at 12 minutes past 12 on 12.12.12 🙂  Now that’s all well and good if you plan something – easy peasy . . . But when you wake up after a lie-in on your birthday morn of 12.12.12 – with zilch planned – and forgot the plan, realising that the special moment is going to pass you by if some action isn’t taken rapidly, we had to get our thinking caps on.

Funnily enough, at a separate moment – with no thought of 12 minutes past 12 in that point, while consuming cooked breakfast and freshly baked chocolate cake (!) baked unbeknown to me that very morn as I snoozed in bed, Beccy was on the phone just checking out generally a fun activity for the day.  I had remembered there was a daytime Line Dancing Class on Wednesdays and was definitely up for that.  Suddenly Beccy bursts into the kitchen still on the phone, speaking loudly so we could witness the conversation “Yes, Line Dancing . . . You’ve got a class starting in 5 minutes?  Can we be late?  Perfect.  Thank you.”  It wasn’t until she put the phone down as we were planning how to get out the door in 5 minutes when we suddenly realised . . . Hey, look at the time!  We’re going to be Line Dancing at 12 minutes past 12!!”  We laughed delighted at the synchronicity and spontaneity and jumped in the car.

It had taken us longer to get out and to the Line Dancing venue; I couldn’t find my membership card; and I suddenly exclaimed it’s 10 past 12!!!  Ohhhhh, I don’t want to miss the moment.  So skadadle we did, parking a bit closer than we should have, careering across up the path, dashed up to the Receptionist and gasped “It’s my birthday and we’re late.  I want to be Line Dancing at 12 minutes past 12, that’s 1 minute away, and I can’t find my membership card!!” all out of breath.  The Receptionist laughed, “You’re late, don’t worry about paying, it’s your Birthday – just go on up or you’ll miss it”. Bless her – we got to dance for free!

So we raced around the corner, up the stairs and gleefully burst into the dance hall.  Then I stopped suddenly feeling a little embarrassed.  You enter around the corner from the main room and thankfully no-one had noticed our dramatic entrance.  It was all quiet, no music and everyone was all standing around the edge of the room by their bags . . . surely we hadn’t missed the whole class?  It wasn’t over was it?  My thoughts were interrupted with an announcement from the teacher over the Mic . . . “So has anyone got a Birthday today . . . ?  “Yes!  Over here!” we both launched forth without realising . . .

It was 12 minutes past 12 on the 12th of the 12th 2012 🙂